Neuromodulation entails many promising techniques to attenuate neurodegeneration, ranging from drug delivery to deep brain stimulation. I’m particularly interested in understanding how these techniques can help regulate circadian rhythms to achieve chemical homeostasis in the brain and prevent neurodegeneration. Electrical stimulation, for example, shows promise in the regeneration of myelin in the injured brain as well as the maturation and differentiation of glial cells. I look forward to determining the parameter specificities of a treatment that can be translated into a human disease model. In addition, I am interested in investigating the functions of naturally occurring neurotransmitters and how they can be used in their exogenous form to treat neurodegeneration based on their restorative properties.

I graduated from Florida International University (FIU) with a B.S. in Biochemistry. There I worked in Dr. Stephen Winkle’s lab, where I explored the binding selectivity of melanin to DNA and its potential post-binding harmful effects. Intrigued by Neuroscience, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Bioengineering (Neural E) to expand the perspectives from which I could answer neuroscientific questions. I am excited to further explore neuromodulation techniques and with them develop more effective and accessible treatments for neurodegeneration.